The Advent Biotechnologies presents fundamental challenges to the global agri-food industry. While the scientific base for agri-food production is being revolutionised, it is not clear if or how the technology will be used. Proponents of biotechnology and a large portion of agri-food policy makers around the world project a positive future in which technology overcomes food shortages, improves the environment, heals or eliminates disease and leads to a prosperous and healthy society.

A smaller but significant array of policy makers, citizens and consumers fear that the technology will exacerbate food insecurity, threaten the environment, endanger human health and ultimately impoverish society itself. Although scientists and industry are convinced the fears are unfounded, it is not clear that our social institutions will be able to adapt, adopt and use the technology in a way that will satisfy society and improve social welfare. The advent of biotechnology presents fundamental challenges to the global agri-food industry.

The application of chemical pesticides and fertilizers over a long period has resulted in continually reducing soil fertility and a danger to animal and human health. It has contributed to the disturbance of the eco-balance, pollution of the soil, water and air. Therefore it is important to rethink and reduce the dependence on chemical inputs and move towards the use of bio-products – products that are made from natural substances and microbes and hence our company with a mandate to manufacture and market only bio products is aiming to achieve high growth by having the following activities under its operations.

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