Apron 80
Wetting Agent/Spreading Agents/Sticker


Advent Apron 80 can be used with most pesticides to improve performance, by reducing surface tension, giving uniform droplets, which results in higher deposition and better coverage.

Advent Apron 80's unique defoaming ability will help reduce the foaming of many agricultural combinations.

Advent Apron 80 is an all purpose spray adjuvant which on mixing with insecticides, fungicides, herbicides and defoliators increases their efficacy. As a result, the crops, fruits & vegetables are better protected from diseases & pests resulting in better yield. This adjuvant can be mixed in most of the pesticides solution to improve their performance many times. Advent Apron 80 contains special ingredients-'Non Ionic Surfactants' that break down the surface tension of the water. These surfactants work on the surface of the water droplet to reduce its tendency to bead up by pulling the water and the wax on the leaf surface together, reducing the water's surface tension and causing the water droplet to spread out. When the water used in pesticide sprays spreads out more evenly, the result is much better pesticide coverage. Adding Apron 80 helps insecticides, defoliators and foliar fertilizers to penetrate the surface of the leaf faster and more evenly, which results in better disease/pest control and thus better yield.

Directions For Use:

In most instances add Advent Apron 80 in water before adding pesticides or other materials to spray tank. Variations in use conditions can result in changes in the amount of Advent Apron 80 required. If mixing order is not known use a small container and check compatibility and mixing order.


First prepare the pesticide that requires to be sprayed and then add required quantity of Advent Apron 80 (60-80 ml per 200 L of spray liquid per acre), mix the solution well before spray.


Advent Apron 80 is available in 100 ml, 250 ml and 500 ml packing.

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