Bio-Organic Manure


Advent Bhoomitra is 100% organic based, scientifically formulated and fully decomposed Bioorganic Manure. It develops soil structure for better rooting, aeration, provides suitable environment for plant nutrient absorption and efficient use. It increases worm activity and ensures longer sustenance of soil fertility and finally contributes to better marketable product by improving quality of the produce.


  • It contains all essentials required by the crop.
  • It has high humus content which increases water retention capacity and microbial activity in the soil.
  • It improves soil structure, which helps in good root aeration and development.
  • It is available in fine powder form so that it is easy to use.
Sl.No. Crop Recommended Usage Time of Application
1 Paddy, Maize, 750kg/Acre Prior to Transplanting/Sowing
2 Chillies, Tobacco 1000kg/Acre Prior to Transplanting/Sowing
3 Tomato, Cabbage 1000kg/Acre Prior to Transplanting/Sowing
4 Banana 4 kg/Plant Prior to Planting
5 Coconut 10 kg/Plant Pre and Post Monsoon
6 Areca nut 4 kg/Plant Pre and Post Monsoon
7 Coffee 5 kg/Plant Pre and Post Monsoon
8 Grapes 10 kg/Vine After every pruning
9 Ornamentals 100gm/Plant Apply twice a year
10 Cotton 750kg/Acre Prior to Sowing
11 Sugarcane 1500kg/Acre Prior to Transplanting/Sowing
12 Pepper 3 kg/Vine Pre and Post Monsoon
13 Mango 10 kg/Plant Pre and Post Monsoon
14 Rose 500kg/Acre Once every three months


250ml – 300 ml of ADVENT AMYNO is required per acre (@ 1.0 – 1.5 ml/ L of water). First spray is recommended at vegetative phase followed by the second and third sprays at the flowering and fruiting stages respectively.


ADVENT AMYNO is available in 100ml, 250 ml, and 1000 ml packing.

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