Advent Humicel 6G
6% Humic Acid Granules For Soil Application


ADVENT HUMICEL 6G is a dark brown,2-5 mm granule containing soluble humates. ADVENT HUMICEL 6G COMPRISES 6% HUMIC ACID. The granules are ideally suited for addition with granular fertilisers. The humic acid component includes a minimum of 16% fulvic and ulmic acid. The rapid solubility of these granules facilitates a successful fusion with soluble fertilisers,which is particularly important for reducing the lockup rate of soluble phosphate sources, stabilizing urea,chelating and complexing elements and buffering high sodium and heavy metais.


  • Environmentally safe.
  • Improve the structure of soil: Prevent high water and nutrient losses in light, sandy soils. Simultaneously convert them into fruitful soils by way of decomposition. In heavy and compact soils, aeration of soil and water retention is improved; cultivation measures are facilitated.
  • Prevent soil cracking, surface water runoff and soil erosion.
  • Help the soil to loosen and crumble and thus increase aeration of sol as well as soil workability.
  • Increase water-holding capacity of soil and thus help resist drought.
  • Stimulate growth and proliferation of desirable microorganisms in soil.
  • Enhance plant's natural resistance against disease and pest.
  • Stimulate root growth, especially vertically and enable better uptake of nutrients.
  • Thicken the cell walls in yields; improve their physical appearance and nutritional value.


  • In Nurseries : 1 Kg per 10 Cents/4 Guntas
  • Paddy : 5 Kg per Acre, 20 and 50 days after sowing
  • Cotton, Sugarcane : 5 Kg per Acre, at the time of sowing and 30 days after sowing
  • Vegetables : 5Kg per Acre, at the time of sowing and 30 days after sowing
  • Plantation crops : 30-50 g per plants pre and post monsoon.


ADVENT HUMICEL 6G is available in 5 Kilogram polythene Packs.

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