Neem oil


Plant protection power of neem oil comes from nature's wonder are tree 'NEEM' (Azadirachta indica) known to Indians since Vedic times for several benefits to the mankind. Neem oil contains several active neem compounds besides predominant azadirachtin, which helps in controlling pest infestation. Neem oil has got multiple action like anti-feedant, repellant, deterrent, growth disrupt ant, larval toxicant, and ovicidal. Neem compounds are known to be effective against nearly 200 species harmful insects, without damaging the population of the beneficial insects. Hence neem oil is most suitable for 'integrated pest management' (IPM). Neem oil is effective against Aphids, Jassids, whiteflies, Caterpillars and Diamond back moth.

Advantages of Neem oil

  • Offers a natural way of crop protection through multiple mode of action on the insects.
  • Effectively prevents damages from sucking as well as chewing insects.
  • Leaves no toxic residues hence can be safely used on food, vegetable, fruit and plantation crops.
  • Prevent development resistance and resurgence in insects.
  • Is non-phytotoxic to plants and ecologically safe.
  • Is compatible with most of the fungicides/insecticides.
  • Is a cost effective product at the suggested dosage of 0.60-0.80 L/acre on field crops, vegetables and ornamental crops.

Time of spray

For field crops, vegetables and ornamentals – neem oil can be sprayed in alternate rounds with chemical pesticides as and when required. However, if the chemical pesticides are not intended to be used, as in the case of organic agriculture, use of neem oil alone could serve the purpose.


Advent Neem oil is available in 250 ml, 500 ml, 1000ml and 5000 ml packing.

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