Advent PK - 40
Salt Of Phosphorous Acids


Advent PK-40 is based on an inorganic source of plant nutrient containing a salt of phosphorous acid. It is also a systemic and specific disease suppressor against oomycetous fungi, which causes down mildews, late blight, damping off and gummosis of various crops. ADVENT PK-40 besides acting as a plant nutrient, triggers action in the plant system to suppress the development of diseases caused by the oomyceptous group of fungi.

Sl.No. Crop Beneficial Effect Dosage/L of water Spray Interval
1 Grape Control of Downy Mildew 3-4ml 3-4ml 7-10 days
2 Potato Control of Late Blight 3-4ml 7-10 days
3 Chillies/Capsicum Control of Damping off and Fruit Rot 3-4ml 7-10 days
4 Tomato ontrol of Damping off and Fruit Rot 3-4ml 7-10 days
5 Gherkins Control of Downy Mildew 3-4ml 7-10 day
6 Ginger Control of Rhizome Rot 4-5ml 7-10 days
7 Black Pepper Control of Quick Wilt 3-4ml 7-10 days
8 Ornamentals Control of Root Rot 3-4ml 7-10 days
9 Tobacco Control of Damping Off 3-4ml 7-10 days

Advantages of ADVENT PK-40

  • Is strong in its systemic action
  • Is both prophylactic and curative in action
  • Is absorbed and translocated by the plant system quickly
  • Is well suited for both foliar and soil drench
  • Is non-phytotoxic to plants and ecologically safe
  • Is compatible with most fungicides/insecticides
  • Is a cost effective product at the suggested dosage of 0.75 – 1.00 L/acre on crops like grapes, ginger, black pepper, potato, tomato, areca nut, capsicum, chillies, ornamentasl like rose, carnation, gebera and gladioli.

Time of spray

For plantation crops – pre and post monsoon. For field crops, vegetables and ornamentals – during congenial weather conditions for disease development and repeat the spray at 7 – 10 days interval.


ADVENT PK-40 is available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 1000 ml and 5000 ml packing.


ADVENT PK-40 can be safely mixed with bio-control agents like TRICHODERMA, where the spectrum of disease control can be enhanced. ADVENT PK-40 does not harm, suppress or prevent the establishment of TRICHODERMA.

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