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Increasing the flowering of plants is of considerable importance in the field of Horticultural, since increased flowering means increased flower crop in Horticulture. There is no known prior art for increasing flowering in plants particularly. Hitherto the prior art was limited to using chemical and organic fertilizers in agriculture and horticulture which would result in overall increasing of the plant flowering quality and ultimately yield. But there is a limitation to the use of the fertilizers and compost because of the law of diminishing returns.

Hydroxy Carboxylic Acid tamed in a suitable formulation, used as spray, which increases flower forming substances by altering auxin, cytokine, gibbrellic acid and Ethylene ratio favorably tilting to a higher level of flower forming substances, thereby increasing flowers by more than 40 to 45%.

ADVENT SEVANTHI is an organic stimulator based on Hydroxy Carboxylic Acid. With the use of ADVENT SEVANTHI on ornamentals the increase in vigor, yield and quality is established.


  • It increases flowers and their pigmentation in ornamentals.
  • Is non-phytotoxic to plants and ecologically safe.
  • Is compatible with most of the fungicides/insecticides, but is advised to be used alone for better results.
  • Is a cost effective product at the suggested dosage of 0.50-0.75 L /acre on ornamental crops.

Time of spray:

For ornamentals – once the reproductive stages set in and repeat the spray at 15 days interval twice.


ADVENT SEVANTHI is available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml and 1000 ml packing.

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