Plant Growth Promoter


Advent Vriddhi is highly effective Plant Growth Promoter, derived from agricultural raw material. Its is a mixture of long chain high molecular weight fatty alcohols and sterols. Thus, Advent Vriddhi is not a fertilizer, a fungicide, a pesticide nor a micronutrient mixture, but a plant growth promoter. Plants through the cuticular layer and through epidermal and endodermal cells to the soil. Once the plants take up the Advent Vriddhi, the active principles in it activate several enzymes or biological catalysts in the plant tissues.

Advantages of Neem oil

  • It encourages the roots of the plants to penetrate deeper into the soil and absorbs more nutrients.
  • It makes cell wall of the roots more permeable to absorb and translocate more nutrients and solutes, which ensures effective utilization of the nutrients absorbed by the plants.
  • It stimulates the emergence of inflorescene.
  • It reduces flower and fruit drop.
  • Is non-phytotoxic to plants ecologically safe.
  • It promotes effective flowering.
  • Is a cost effective product at the suggested dosage of 0.10 L/acre on field crops, vegetables and ornamental crops.

Time of spray

For field crops, vegetables and ornamentals – 30 days after planting repeat the spray at 20 days interval thrice. For plantation crops and fruit crops – 10-15 crops before flowering repeat the spray at 20 days interval twice.


Advent Vriddhi is available in 100 ml, 250 ml, 500ml and 1000 ml packing.

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